15th DECEMBER 2016.

My first attempt in the dark room was with a stack of metal bricks that was photographed in the studio. There was problems with this first attempt like how dark the photos where and how clear they where.


The second attempt was far better as I had learned from my mistakes from the first attempt. These came out a lot clearer and better and I even liked the sample ones I did with the different times the light got to it. I scanned both my first attempts and second ones in but have got them in a file for copies. I feel from the two photos i used i prefer the full skull on the photo as it came out a lot clearer and i had had the most practice before completing this one.



This technique has been my favorite so far as I lied getting hands on when producing the outcomes and actually having to experiment with how much timings each photo needed.

If I have enough time I would like to carry on with other photos I have taken of the roe deer and see how well they all turned out. If I could do this technique again i would of liked to have used a mixed media approach and add stitch to it a well.